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I'm Disappointed

In Myself

6 August
80's cartoons, 80's toys, acoustic music, alternative rock, anita blake, army of darkness, art, baking, baseball, batman, boondock saints, boston red sox, bowling, boys, care bears, cats, charmed, chasing amy, clerks, comics, concerts, cookies, cupcakes, dancing, dane cook, dogma, doodling, dragons, drawing, eddie izzard, elves, evil dead, eyes, faeries, family guy, fantasy art, fantasy literature, farscape, fenway park, fight club, fire, fire works, flirting, football, fraggle rock, full moon, gargoyles, geeks, get fuzzy, ghost hunters, goonies, greenday, hair, halloween, hanging out, harry potter, homestar runner, horror, humor, i love the 80s, jay & silent bob, jem, laughing, laurell k hamilton, law and order: svu, legend, linkin park, lord of the rings, lycanthropes, mallrats, mashed potatoes, men, merry gentry, monty python, movies, music, my little pony, mythical creatures, mythology, new england patriots, night-time, orgy, pastries, peanutbutter, pegasus, penguins, phantom of the opera, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, pixies, placebo, pompeii, popcorn, popples, punk covers, punky brewster, randomness, reading, resident evil, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, rollercoasters, sam and dean winchester, sanctuary, science fiction, sexy accents, silver, sinfest, sleeping, smiling, snow, soul mates, spirited away, star gazing, star trek, star wars, stardust, steve gonsalves, strong bad, sunrises, sunsets, supernatural, swords, tank girl, tattoos, the cheat, the chipettes, the chipmunks, the fifth element, the green monster, the last unicorn, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the tribe, the wuzzles, thrift stores, tim burton, troma, true blood, twilight saga, twisted method, unicorns, vampires, weekends, who framed roger rabbit, working out, writing, x-men, zombies